Tailored composite technology solutions


Custom Projects

Specialised projects require specialised attention. At Carbon Copies, expert staff are used to work with all kind of challenging projects. Whether you need custom-made parts, or if you need advice on what are the best solutions according to your projects specifications, Carbon Copoies will help you transform your idea into a real product.

Large Scale Projects

Mass production and mass customization are both manufacturing options at Carbon Copies that can help clients to offer competitive solutions in the market. At Carbon Copies we are ready to integrate multiple materials and technologies. Carbon Copies is equipped with state of the art machinery including 4 axes CNC, 4 Axis foam cutter and 3D printing capabilities.


Our R&D lab is part of Carbon Copies global strategy to raise awareness on high-end composite products. Our research and development activities focus on the latest technologies and production processes to enable overall product integration.

Featured Projects