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FireFly is the latest UAV in our product range. It was primarily designed to carry and deploy a payload the size of a sonar buoy (127mm dia x 915mm long) and up to 8kg with an endurance of greater than 3 hours. We also have to ability to fit a hatch on the underside cut-out for payloads that are not dropped.

We are currently using the FireFly for surveillance via a pan/tilt camera mounted in the aircrafts under belly.

FireFly pan/tilt camera

FireFly on landing approach and view from the aircraft.

FireFly Specs:
Wingspan: 3000mm
Length: 2150mm
Ceiling: 1500m
Speed: 60kts
Empty Weight: 9.5kg (11.2 w/avionics)
Max T/O weight: 21.2kg
Fuel + Payload: 10kg

Download FireFly brochure

T-Wing UAV

Carbon Copies also provides composite components and airframes to The University of Sydney, T-Wing UAV project.